InCEES Director Awarded NSF Grant

Himadri Pakrasi and collaborator Costas Maranas were awarded $1.2 million to study cyanobacteria for crop improvement amid climate change.

Gearing up for the Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit

As momentum builds for next year's climate event, students and faculty in Arts & Sciences look ahead to opportunities for collaboration and reflect on WashU's climate leadership.

Michael Bloomberg announces Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit

Washington University and InCEES will host and lead the 2020 Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit.

STL Named American Cities Climate Challenge Winner

St. Louis was selected to participate in the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, a program that works with cities on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Oct. 16- 25: Food Week

Oct. 18:
Sustainability Expo

Oct. 21: Circular Economy in St. Louis

Oct. 22: Carbon Neutral Climate Dialogue

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"Through InCEES, our faculty, staff and students are engaged in interdisciplinary research and application as they work in close collaboration with leaders across disciplines, industry, and government to address the world's most pressing energy, environmental, and sustainability issues."
Andrew D. Martin,
Chancellor of Washington University

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SIGINITInCEES fosters research related to energy, environment and sustainability that will benefit future generations. The hub of InCEES includes seven signature partners.


"InCEES provides a unique and exciting collaborative environment for everyone at Washington University who is interested in global issues related to energy, environment and sustainability.”
Himadri B. Pakrasi, InCEES Director