InCEES Director installed as the Myron & Sonya Glassberg / Albert & Blanche Greensfelder Distinguished University Professor.

David Fike, InCEES’ director, was installed as the Myron & Sonya Glassberg / Albert & Blanche Greensfelder Distinguished University Professor during a ceremony earlier this month. David has served as InCEES’ director since 2021 and associate director since 2016. In addition to his leadership of InCEES, David supports undergraduate education as the director of WashU’s […]

Green IdeaBounce® generates sustainable proposals from WashU students

From reusable thermal plastics for prosthetics to an app that helps you find sustainable wineries, the first “green IdeaBounce®” held between the Skandalaris Center, InCEES, and the Office of Sustainability saw 13 individuals pitch their environmentally-conscience products and business ideas. Each “green ambassador” was given two minutes to present their platform and were judged on their […]

Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC)

Our biggest legacy will be this cadre of scientists that will have trained at PARC and who will help meet the global need for abundant, clean and economical energy. Robert E. Blankenship, PhD, Lucille P. Markey Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences, Director and P.I., PARC In 2009, the Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC) was […]

InCEES professor talks launch of environmental analysis major

Washington University in St. Louis now offers a major in environmental analysis through the Environmental Studies program in Arts & Sciences. The interdisciplinary major is a response to global demand for environmental and sustainability experts who can think critically, communicate clearly and solve problems in collaboration with their communities. InCEES Associate Director, David Fike, discusses the new […]

Michael Bloomberg announces Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit

Michael R. Bloomberg announced on May 16 the largest expected convening of Midwest universities focused on mitigating the effects of climate change and moving to a 100% clean-energy economy. Washington University and InCEES will host and lead the 2020 Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit. To read more, click here.

Green the Church

St. Louis hosted the 2019 Green the Church Summit, the largest environmental justice and sustainability conference for the Black Church. Washington University was a co-sponsor of the event, which included an array of discussions including the Green New Deal, building efficiency and water conservation, food sovereignty and public health.

Meet the New Director

On July 1, 2020 David Fike officially became the Interim Director of InCEES, after serving as Associate Director since 2016. Fike is also director of the Environmental Studies program and professor of earth and planetary sciences. In between planning classes for the fall semester and managing his lab, Professor Fike answered some questions about his journey to WashU […]

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