Greensfelder Lecture

The Albert P. and Blanche Y. Greensfelder Lecture

The Albert P. and Blanche Y. Greensfelder Lecture, established through the Glassberg family gift made by Sonya “Sunny” Glassberg, supports opportunities for the broader Washington University community to engage with distinguished speakers, faculty, students, staff and collaborators.

Honoring both the Glassberg family’s history with Washington University and philanthropic support of environmental projects in the region, the Greensfelder Lecture serves a unique role in maximizing the outreach of the interdisciplinary activities of InCEES, making the important work being done in energy, the environment and sustainability, accessible to the public.

Prior Greensfelder Lectures include:

  • Professor David Lobell, Stanford University, “Meeting the Climate Adaptation Challenge in the Midwest” (2014)


  • Professor Howard Frumkin, University of Washington, “Climate Change and Human Health” (2013)