InCEES Stories

As part of its mission, InCEES awards seed funding to Washington University faculty undertaking innovative and collaborative research in the broad areas of bioenergy and sustainability through an annual call for proposals.

More than 120 projects have been funded since the program was launched in 2008, funding collaborations between more than 50 external organizations and 200-plus researchers. These projects have culminated in exhibitions, new patents, scholarly publications, new collaborations, and success in obtaining external funding to extend the reach and impact of the research projects.

Headshot of Arpita Bose, assistant professor, Department of Biology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.“Our proposed idea was a high-risk, high-reward kind of project and InCEES helped us get preliminary data that has now allowed us to reach out to various funding agencies who are interested in supporting us. The collaboration was crucial to getting important data that supports our case while we are seeking external funding.” Arpita Bose, Biology, Arts & Sciences

1Testimonal_Pless_43R“InCEES offers a fantastic opportunity to push research in new directions, with new collaborators. The unencumbered seed funding makes creative research possible, but even more, the community of researchers working with InCEES is an amazing resource for germinating ideas.” Robert Pless, School of Engineering & Applied Science

1testimonialSophia_Hayes“Patents, publications and subsequent federal funding have all been achieved with the InCEES support of new areas of exploratory research. Funding of high risk projects such as that funded through this program is important to building and painting the research pipeline within the university, helping to develop new ideas and pursue questions that otherwise might have been out of reach.” Sophia Hayes, Chemistry, Arts & Sciences

tstimonal_Foston_Marcus_3746“The research was started primarily by money we got from InCEES. It’s the perfect example of the usefulness of the InCEES money. It gives you an opportunity to form collaborations and take risks with pilot projects.” Marcus Foston, School of Engineering & Applied Science

1testimonial_Joseph-Cullen“Seed funding from InCEES has allowed me to accelerate my research and provide students with hands-on research experience in economics.” Joseph A. Cullen, Economics, Olin Business School

1testimonialRiviera-NunezZorimar“It’s a collaborative effort. Safe drinking water and improved sanitation is not going to happen with just one discipline. It’s a multidisciplinary issue and needs multidisciplinary intervention. InCEES and the support it provides is key to launching teams that help communities to begin addressing these issues.” Zorimar Rivera Núñez, Brown School

1testimonal_Strader-5-11c“The great thing about InCEES is that it brings people together that have different research problems, that maybe they don’t have a way of addressing, and allows them to work with people from completely different fields that might have tools that can address that problem but hadn’t thought to apply it in that way.” Lucia Strader, Biology, Arts & Sciences